Easy DIY Window Treatment Projects

Easy DIY Window Treatment Projects

Custom window curtains and blindsdramatically change the look of any room. It’s very expensive to hire someone to make custom drapes and blinds for your home. Fortunately, you can do it yourself and it’s a lot easier than you might think. We’ve come up with seven easy DIY window treatment projects that will change the look of your room. Some of these projects will freshen up your interior while others will overhaul the look. Whatever your goal, there is a DIY project that’s right for you.

Custom Drapery Hooks

Most people use basic metal hooks to hold back their drapes. Metal hooks are functional but lack pizazz. Consider repurposing another type of object to serve as your hooks, like a cool set of doorknobs. Use vintage doorknobs to achieve a vintage look, modern doorknobs to achieve a modern look, etc. Look for fun animal shapes for a child’s room.

Painted Window Curtains

This is so easy and so fun! Take a set of premade, solid-colored linen curtains and customize them with fabric paint. If you’re artistic, you can paint freehandedly, otherwise, you can use stencils or large stamps.

Easy DIY Window Treatment Projects

Unusual Drapery Tiebacks

Traditional drapery tiebacks are made from ordinary fabric that matches or coordinates with the window curtains. Consider using an alternative material that contrasts with your drapes, or use something different than fabric altogether, like a leather belt or a large necklace. for more related info, click on : http://energy.gov/energysaver/energy-efficient-window-treatments

Customize Your Valance

This will make a bold statement in any room. You can use your current valance or buy a new one. Take fabric paint and stencil on a bold design, such as your family’s monogram. You can also use your valance to express your family’s interests. For interest, if your family is into sailing, you can stencil a sailboat right onto the fabric.

Painted Window Blinds

This is a cool thing to do in a not-so-serious room, like a child’s room or a breakfast nook. Close your existing blinds and remove them from the window. Place them on the floor and paint them with a fun design. Be sure to use the appropriate paint for the material of your blinds. If your blinds are made from fabric, use a fabric paint. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry before rehanging the blinds. This is a cool project because, when the blinds are open, you don’t know that they’re painted. Each time you close the blinds, you’re greeted with an unexpected design.

Alternative Drapery Materials

Give any room an unexpected twist by using something other than traditional fabric for your curtain material. Burlap coffee bags lend a masculine feel to any room. Drop cloths can also work well and can be easily customized using fabric paint.

Embellish Blinds Pulls

Don’t settle for the boring pulls that came with your window blinds. Customize the look of your room by embellishing blinds pulls. You can let your imagination run wild because just about any sturdy object can be glued onto the pulls. Seashells, silk flowers, and artificial crystals are a few fun choices.
We hope you’re inspired to change the look of your room by trying one or more of these easy projects. They’ll change the look of your drapes and blinds with very little money and time.